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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Full Blown Summer-Broadway FAME!

Hello everyone!

It's so hot...well...for most everyone. I've fought it and denied it's summer.  Not really but wouldn't that be awesome?

I've had these nails since summer of 2010. I wore them once with megatabs and took them off that same day.  When I bought these, they were just $3.99. I ordered them from Walgreens. Now I see they have raised prices to $4.49. But they are still only $3.99 on Beautyonlinesupply.com. This set of nails doesn't come with glue, file or orangewood stick. So have those things on hand if you're going to put them on.

Broadway: Fame

I love this design. Does it remind you of summer?

My trouble with these nails are they are medium in length and the design doesn't disguise my short nails' edges. Also, I felt they were too long for my fingers.

Look at these long suckers! You can see where my real nail ends under the nails. 
I used the glue to glue technique I learned at the Kiss Webinar, and this time, I didn't have even one air bubble!

So what I thought I'd do was use some fruit slices to to enhance the nails and cover my nails' edges, and trim down the tips, so I wouldn't slash anyone to bits.

I use a big toe nail clipper to clip the tips. I know some people just file them down, but I'm not that talented. They'd come out really crocked for me.

Here they are cut down. They are still really long. I could file the nails at the cuticle edge, I've done that before. But with french tip nails, I found that a filed cuticle edge is really apparent. 

And here they are with a piece of fruit and some rhinestones.

Pretty wild, eh? Or fun summer look? Or both?

I'll try to upload some day time shot while I'm out today. I think the flash makes them look more dramatic than they are. We'll find out later...

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my blog!

UPDATE: Day light pic


thalie said...

You are so inventive,Kay! I like the way you find a way to cover up the nail line! Although it's probably not as noticeable to others as it is to you.

My husband keeps saying as part of his denial of summer, " It's fall already,any day it will be fall."

Kay said...

Thanks Thalie! I'm sure you're right and that my nail line is most noticeable to me but it bugs me, so I have to do something about it. ;p

I agree with your husband. Today I was in Big Lots and they've got their summer TIKI PARTY stuff 50% off and I actually smiled because that means summer is half over. LOL

Olivia C. said...

Very cute! Definitely reminds me of summer. And I love the fruit slices- even cuter! :)

Kay said...

Thanks Olivia! :D

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