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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Minnie's Sparkly Beach

My morning mug of java was my inspiration today.
Now that's a BIG mug!

L-R: Sally Hansen HD 15 DVD, Confetti Belle of the Ball, Color Zone (no name) lilac glitter, LA Colors (no name) chunky gold glitter, LA Colors (no name) deep purple glitter

Ok so I took the Confetti and sponged 2 coats from the tip to halfway down the nails. Then I tried sponging on the DVD. It is so runny it just slid around the nails. So I just brush/dabbed it on the ends.
 I really love that chunky gold glitter and wanted to use it. I dabbed it on, up to the lilac line.
After that I used the Color Zone lilac glitter on the middle section, and then the LA deep purple glitter on the tips.

Sunlight pics

With flash

What do you drink to start your day? Coffee? Tea? Soda? Water? Juice? Other?
Let me know in the comments below.

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thalie said...

Purple and gold always look so pretty together! Anyway, I was wondering, when you put glittery stuff on your artificial nails, what do you use to remove the glitter,without damaging the artificials? I can't use anything acetone-based to remove the glitter,because it seems to damage the plastic nails, especially anything with a French tip.

Kay said...

Hi Thalie! Thanks for stopping by.

The little bit of glitter I used for the blue jeans french tip manicure came off with nail polish remover. However, when it's this much glitter, with the purple and gold I don't even try to get it off. I just plan for that to be the last mani before it's time to take the nails off.

When I've got stubborn stickers, I'll gently file them off the plastic nails. That might work for the glitter too.

Olivia C. said...

I drink Vitamin Water, or if I'm out of that, just plain water. I'm weird!
CUTE nails! I love the gold glitter! I hate that the L.A. Colors and Color Zone polishes don't have names- that's half the fun! :)

thalie said...

GMTA,again! I do the same thing.If I do a glitter mani,I wait until it's going to be time to take off the nails! Oh, I drink tea in the morning,preferably,Earl Grey tea. LOL! My husband laughs because that's the same tea that Jean Luc Picard drinks in Star Trek Next Generation!

Kay said...

Olivia, I don't think I've ever tried Vitamin Water. What's your favorite flavor? Water is a good choice but I can't go without my mug of coffee. :D

I bought those LA Colors in a package of 7 and the Color Zones in a package of 3. They didn't have a name on the package or the bottles. It is kind of disappointing.

Thalie-I use 1 bag of Earl Grey and 2 bags of English Breakfast when I'm making sweet tea.
That's funny what your husband says. Capt Picard to the replicator: "Earl Grey. Hot." ;p

Some days I wish I had a replicator.

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