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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Denim and Something Glittery

I love Love Love   Denim !

 My next sofa is going to be this one.

Here's my first attempt at Denim/Jeans nail art...

Polishes: Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud, NYC Skin Tight Denim Jeans

Basically, it's one or two coats of Denim, and while that is still wet, I swirled the Lavender Cloud on it with a q-tip.  These were just practice nails but I would do this nail art again and wear it. I'm going to keep trying to recreate denim on nails.

Moving on to "something glittery"...

 I was trying to do something Moroccan or Arabian. I side swiped Confetti Masquerade Ball one the left, and Milani Gold glitter nail paint on the right.

 Then I applied some chunky LA Colors gold glitter up the left hand side, and found it was going to cover up too much of Masquerade Ball.
 In between Masquerade Ball and Milani, I tried to make something with the green Milani nail art brush. That wasn't working. So I swirled some of that white LA Colors glitter over it.
I like how it turned out. Not what I was going after, but it's not hideous. At least to me.


Olivia C. said...

I like both of those! I'm interested to see your next attempt at the denim nail art!

Kay said...

Aw, thanks Olivia. I've seen nails painted to look like jeans. I'm going to keep trying to get that. Take care!

thalie said...

I really love the denim nail art! It seems easy the way you describe it,and would love to see them on your nails! :-)

Kay said...

Thanks Thalie! I'm working on it. :D

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