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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Window Shopper

Tonight, I put on Broadway Fashion Express in "Window Shopper". They are medium in length, with a white starflower over a pale pink french tip.

What I really like about this tip print is that it goes down a little into the nail bed and camouflages my short natural nail beds underneath. Meaning: I can't readily see the white part of my(growing!) nails. The fake nail beds are slightly tinted in a light opaque color.  You can see the moons on my nail beds underneath. That's pretty cool!

I used the pink gel glue that came with another nail kit by Kiss, because the Fashion Express nails kit doesn't come with glue, file or orange stick. There are 24 nails for $3.99 (although I've seen the price go up to $4.19 at Walgreens in the store.)

Air Bubbles:
As usual I had trouble with my flat nail bed thumbs. These faux nails are too curved for them. I filed down the oval end to fit the _______ shape of my cuticles. I put plenty of glue. Maybe too much. I have to press down on the thumb nails when gluing because they will not stick otherwise.

My thumbs look like 1 big air bubble so maybe that will just look like they are paler than the other nail beds. Again though the flower print going down into the Broadway nail beds covers some of the evidence of those blasted air bubbles.

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