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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Say Tomato...

A little while ago, I got my order of veggie fimo slices.

Zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms and corn
It took some time but I got them all divided up and into their container sections.

Here's the mani/nail art I came up with this weekend:
Broadway Deceptions with moons
Revlon Matte Suede Emerald City, LA Colors Art Deco Bright Orange
I'm not sure I really like the matte polish. I guess I'm just too accustomed to having my nails sparkly. I used a regular (non-matte) top coat so that made the matte finish a little shiny.

I really fought my incredible urge to put glitter on the green matte. I did succumb to some white rhinestones. Just a little. Gaw, I'm just a sparkle lover.

Here's another look. Click on the pic to see details better.

My daughter said it was strange to have vegetables on my nails, but she liked it.

What do you think?

Please post your thoughts in the comments below.


Olivia C. said...

Cute!!! I'm sorry you don't like the matte thing, I'm not a big fan either. But when you put a top coat on matte polishes they get super sparkly and much prettier!

thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

I like how you integrate all of these elements into your mani! You're so creative,Kay!

Kay said...

Olivia C.-Every time I look at that green I think it needs white dots or glitter or something. LOL I'm addicted to sparkle!

thalie-Oh you're sweet! Thanks for that.

Glad you stopped by ladies!

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