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Friday, March 16, 2012

Not Much Of A St. Patrick's Mani-But I Tried

Last week, I was parked near the beach and wanted some fun nails to wear. I chose these Zebra print French tip nails from my shoebox-o-goodies.
These nails are from the Broadway Fashion Express line, called "Scandalous." Ha! Love it!
They are medium length but really long on me. I jabbed a couple ends into things accidentally, and man, did that hurt!

The nail bed is beige but with the pink gel nail glue underneath, they have a pink tint.
 I added 2 coats of Confetti Dreamdate on the nail beds.
Dreamdate (3rd from left)

Well, these were fun for about 4 days and then I got bored. 
So I clipped off the zebra tips and got this look...
And this is a really pretty look for the office. 

Eventually, I wanted to try some bold color. 
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "Fairy Teal." (One coat)

This is one coat of Spoiled "Trust Fund Baby". The multiglitter is so pretty in the bottle. 
The brush and formula are a nightmare though.
The brush loses bristles, and the glitter glumps on the brush.
Here is 2 coats and was so difficult to capture on camera.

Now I'm ready for a St Patrick's Day party...mostly.

Have a good weekend everyone, and thanks for reading my blog post!


Olivia C. said...

I love that blue with the glitter! I know I'm so late to commenting on this, but I just got back to blogging. Miss your posts! :)

Kay said...

Hi Olivia I have had a lot of changes recently. Moving to a new state, buying a home, getting it furnished et al has redirected my focus. Not sure what I'm going to do about this blog.

Teresa D'Amario said...

I found some revlon Color Allure SELF-ADHESIVE nails, and I really like them. They work better than the impress nails, and there are no tabs to pull off. The glue is stronger, and the nails are laid out so that it's easier to find the right size (No having to stick them inside each other to find the size). But I can't remember where I purchased these. Any ideas? I thought it was Walmart, but I can't find them there, or at CVS or walgreens. Have you tried them? I'd love to buy more, but can't even find them on the Revlon site!

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